Time Management & Organization Skills

and hello again guys! On this post i want to tell all of you about time managing and how to organize our schelude effectively.  Bismilillah and here we go! 
  So basically, managing time effectively is an important things in university career who dream to be the best students there. This chapter contains some ideas for organizing activities and tips to help students focus on important tasks and avoid them to do the last minute assingment or works.
 So as i am going to dig more about this topic, let me tell you about these four chapters we will face as we planned our time management. 
  • Academic planner  - is the alternative that will allow the students to plan their whole academic                                   system.                                       
  • Block schelude - is an effective shcelude for the weekdays as it provides a concise visual                                       representation and keep us away from wasting our time (like sleep all day                                   long)
  • Procrastination - Postponed the task that should be done and thought we would do it later. 
  • Self-regulating attitudes and behaviours - help us to control ourself from wasting our time too                                                                      long from doing what we should be done first.

  As a student, managing our time effectively really important to be the best students among the best!  So here it is the tips : 

  • make a weekly schelude 
  • make a daily planner 
  • make a semester calendar 
  • balance academic career and personal demands
  • keep ourself from procrastination 
  For me, time managing is not just managing our schelude, but it is also about our attitude. Let me give u an example like eventhough we do have a great schelude with benefits things but if we have this habits called laziness or like to hold our important things-to-do for too long, it is just useless. 

  We move to the next topic, procrastination. What is PROCRASTINATION? 

Procrastination  is avoding or postponing what should be done now.

  Thus, it also can rob you or your time and detail your best intentions. Yet, it will make us be in trouble because of our postponed in everythings that need to be done earlier. In fact, it added burdensome for us later if we hold what we need to settle down faster. And so, here are some of the common reasons why people procrastinate : 

  • Being such a perfectionist 
  • afraid of failure
  • Being rebellious 
  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressefull
  • have a lazy habit 
   So that, thank you to my lecturer who we called him Dr. Azmi because he shared some tips to overcome procrastination. The tips are : 

  • Know what we should achieve
  • Set the due dates 
  • Make schelude/ planners/ calendars 
  • Prioritize what we should do first
  • Do the task in some steps 
  • Do the difficult task first 
  • Set your mind about the task into the positive side
  • Have fun with the activity and ignore the sense of lazy 
  • Get yourself something as a reward after you finished doing the activity
  If we follow the rules properly, in sha Allah we do not have any problems to finish our assingments before the deadline or achieve our goals successfully (besides doing things as a Muslim of course). Next, do you ever thought what is the benefits of being organised through your days? Let's check it out then! 

  • Could finished our jobs and could send it during the deadline
  • Reduce your stress after finished doing it and release some burdensome that bothered you
  • Finish your work with less pressure and have enough time
  • Keep us from overlapping assingments and having to do more than one assingments at a time.
  I hope what i share (and what i got from the speech) helps you to have the spirit and manage your time and organize your what-to-do things through all your days. Before i end my post, let me show you one example. It is an activity that i had done with our speaker that day. 

  1.  Make a shelude of everything you will be doing for tomorrow. The schelude should be detailed of what you will be doing and where you will be doing that throughout that day. 
  2.  Make a schelude for your activities and commitments during the weekdays which is Saturday and Sunday. Thus, you should list for each day all the things that take times and presence, how long the time needed to do the tasks. However, we do not have to list the tasks that take just a few minutes to settle it (like eat or pray and so on).  
  I hope what i had share with all of you could help you to do your time management properly. Me myself also lack of this kind of things since i like to waste my time with games instead of doing some benefits things. 😋 Soon, i will try to do my own time management so i can manage my own time and could enjoy my day without wasting my times and regret later. In sha Allah. Wallahua'lam and have a nice day ahead guys! 

A million thx for reading ;D